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It’s a white, gleaming, and clear stone that’s also known as Quartz. The best quality Quartz defines Sphatik Mala Originality. Quartz gems are popular among gem therapists because they generate electrochemical balance in the body, remove anxiousness, make one feel relaxed, and aid in concentration, according to Astrology. Sphatik is related to Venus. Wearing a Pure Spahtik Crystal Quartz Jaap Mala for Pooja ensures a relaxing, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

  • Using Original Sphatik Mala 108 Beads improves mental focus, regulates body temperature, and relieves stress.
  • Wearing a Certified Transparent Stones Rosary makes sure a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.
  • Original Sphatik Mala Price is affordable and available on various platforms.
  • Sphatik beads also help to calm, headaches, and improve greater cure.
  • Sphatik Mala originality can be verified by rubbing the beads of the Spatik Mala together. Rub the beads together, and a spark will appear.

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What is Sphatik Mala?

According to Hindu Astrology, the Sphatik Mala brings calm and peace to an anxious mind. The beads of this rhinestone (Sphatik) mala have lots of healing, spiritual and qualities. Most people wear this mala around their necks to maintain healthy body temperatures. Apart from that, Sphatik Mala is also helpful to appease the goddess Lakshmi.

Rules of Wearing Original Sphatik Mala

  • Sphatik Mala should be worn on Friday.
  • Do not wear it when attending funerals.
  • Make sure the Mala is made of 108 beads
  • The mala should not have any damaged beads.
  • Avoid wearing this mala, while visiting a newborn baby.
  • Keep an eye on the Sphatik Mala Originality at all times.
  • For the Japa of Goddess Laxmi, Shukra, Sphatik mala is highly advised.
  • Check and compare Original Sphatik Mala Price before making a purchase.
  • Do not wear this mala while sleeping and wear it after taking bath in the morning.

Mantras to Chant with Sphatik Mala

  1. Maa Lakshmi Mantra

“ॐ श्री ह्रीं क्लीं श्री सिद्ध लक्ष्म्यै नमः“
Om Shree Here Kleem Shree Siddha Lakshmyai Namah

  1. Sphatik Mala mantra

“पंचवक्त्र: स्वयं रुद्र: कालाग्नर्नाम नामत॥ “
Panchvaktra Swayam Rudra Kalagnirnama Namat”

What are the benefits of wearing Sphatik Mala?

  • It enhances intellectual capacity when worn.
  • It helps the worshipper with their health-related difficulties.
  • The rhinestones (Sphatik) mala alleviate sadness and poverty.
  • Sphatik Mala is beneficial in removing all the Venus-related (Shukra Graha) doshas.
  • It eliminates poverty and resolves all of your family’s financial problems.
  • This mala is also helpful in reducing stress and headache-related problems.

What is Sphatik made of?

Sphatik Mala is made from a crystal that is also known as crystal quartz, clear quartz, and rock crystal. It is highly powerful and auspicious as well. However, it is an ultimate healing crystal that also defines Sphatik Mala Originality. It immediately calms the person down and promotes healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The Crystal / Sphatik – Original Mala is a very effective rosary that provides both spiritual and health benefits together.

How do I know if my Sphatik Mala is real?

Before you buy a Crystal / Sphatik – Original Mala or any other Sphatik product, remember that the Sphatik crystal is never properly round and comes in an Original shape. Also, in the original Crystal / Sphatik – Original Mala, it is common to find natural cuts & cracks. In the market, glass crystals are also available that are sold under the name of Sphatik crystal; yet are fake and of no use. However, you can also check and compare the quality and Original Sphatik Mala Price.


Q. 1 What is Sphatik Mala?

As per Hindu Mythology, the Sphatik Mala brings calm and peace to an anxious mind. The beads of this rhinestone (Sphatik) mala have lots of healing, spiritual and qualities. Most people wear this mala around their necks to maintain healthy body temperatures. Sphatik Mala, however, can also be used to please the goddess Lakshmi.

Q. 2 Why Sphatik Mala is used?

The original Sphatik Mala can be used for purposes. Some of them are as follows-

  • It may be worn as a chain or a necklace.
  • Sphatik Mala can also be worn as a hand bracelet.
  • The original Sphatik Mala is suitable for both Jaap and meditation.
  • For mantra chanting, the beads from the original Sphatik Mala can be used.

Q. 3 How to Find Original Sphatik Mala?

You can take two to three methods to determine whether the Original Sphatik Mala is authentic or not. To begin with, while holding this mala. In your hands, it will feel a little heavy and cold. Also, if the Original Sphatik Mala is a real product is real, it won’t ever lose its shine.

Sphatik beads will spark when they are rubbed together, and these sparks will be visible in a dark space. A Sphatik with a poor surface finish, more cracks, and more impurities creates more Spark. Spark tests are not advised since rubbing beads can harm crystals by leaving scratches, chip-offs, and other damage.

Q. 4 How to use Sphatik Mala for Japa?

A mantra or affirmation is repeated using a string of prayer beads during the meditative practice known as Japa. The following are the procedures for using a Sphatik Mala for Japa.

Choose a mantra

A repeated word or phrase is referred to as a mantra.

Keeping the Mala

The first bead of the mala should be held between your thumb and middle finger on your right hand.

Say the mantra

Repeat your mantra or affirmation after each repetition while moving your thumb to the next bead.

When you have finished the mala, flip it around and proceed in the other direction while keeping chanting the mantra.

Q.5 What is the significance of Sphatik mala?

Here are some of the major significances of Original Sphatik mala-

  • It brings Peace, Positive Energy, and Calmness to the wearer.
  • Sphatik mala is used for meditation and spiritual practices in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Sphatik mala enhances the power of Mantras and improves concentration levels during meditation.
  • Some people also wear it for its spiritual and religious significance, as it is considered sacred and pure.
  • Wearing a Sphatik mala is a personal choice and its significance may vary from person to person.

Q.6 Where to Buy Original Sphatik Mala?

At various religious stores, you can find the original Sphatik Mala but make sure the check the quality and price of the Mala before making a purchase. However, there are so many online platforms nowadays from which you can buy the original Sphatik Mala. We at Dharmsaar also deal with the best and original Sphatik Mala as well as other males used for meditation and Jaap.

Q.7 Original Sphatik Mala Price in India?

The cost of original Sphatik malas may vary from city to city throughout different Indian states. An original and high-Quality Clear Sphatik, however, should range within the 500–2000 range.

2 reviews for Original Sphatik Mala 108 Beads, Pure Spahtik Crystal Quartz Jaap Mala for Pooja, Certified Transparent Stones Rosary, Original Sphatik Mala Price

    February 27, 2023
    I highly recommend the Sphatik Mala from Dharmsaar for its high-quality and affordability.
    February 14, 2023
    The Sphatik Mala from Dharmsaar is a beautiful and spiritual addition to your collection.
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