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Original Tulsi Mala 108 Beads, Natural Tulsi Beads Mala for Pooja and Japa, Wooden Rosary Basil

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In Sanatan Dharma, Tulsi is regarded as extremely important. Original Tulsi Mala 108 Beads has been elevated to the status of a goddess, rather than merely a plant. Tulsi is a holy and worshipped plant. Tulsi is revered not only for its religious significance but also for its Ayurvedic characteristics. Tulsi is revered in Hinduism, and people wear it while chanting with Natural Tulsi Beads Mala for Pooja and Japa. There are numerous advantages to applying Tulsi, just as there are numerous advantages to wearing a Large Beads Tulsi Mala.

  • Original Tulsi Mala 108 Beads ensure ritual sanctity and protect against sin.
  • Natural Tulsi Beads Mala for Pooja and Japa is extremely beneficial in the cure of throat Illness.
  • Wooden Rosary Basil can also be used for body purification.
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Tulsi means holy, pure, divine, auspicious, best, favorite of Lord Vishnu, and similar to Goddess Lakshmi. Along with its religious significance, The original Tulsi mala is popular for its medicinal benefits; It is also used in many medicines to treat various diseases and boost immunity. The original Tulsi Mala is popular for various purposes, such as chanting, wearing, and worshipping.

Weight16 Grams
Length19.5 Inches
Country of OriginBharat

Rules of Wearing Original Tulsi Mala

  • Say No to Onion, Garlic, Meat, and Alcohol while wearing the original Tulsi Mala.
  • Tulsi Mala should never be taken off in any situation.
  • Use Gangajal to properly clean the original Tulsi Mala before wearing it.
  • Those who wear the original Tulsi Mala should chant the mantras of Lord Vishnu daily.
  • You should not wear any Rudraksha if you have worn the original Tulsi Mala. This will lead to bad outcomes.
  • You can wear the original Tulsi Mala, in your right hand if you are unable to wear it around your neck for whatever reason. However, make sure to take it off before performing daily chores.

What are the benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala?

  • The original Tulsi Mala protects against diseases caused by infection.
  • The original Tulsi Mala helps to soothe the mind and purify the soul.
  • Wearing the original Tulsi Mala makes the body purer and enhances life vitality.
  • Multiple diseases related to digestion can be cured by wearing the original Tulsi Mala.
  • Tulsi is a fantastic herb that helps with digestion and blood pressure.
  • The original Tulsi Mala improvises the blood circulation of the body.
  • It enhances the inner peace and spiritual growth in a person.
  • The original Tulsi Mala is helpful in both mental and skin-related issues.

What is the original Tulsi made of?

The stem of the Tulsi (Basil) plant is used to make the beads of the original Tulsi Mala.

The wood from the Tulsi plant is used to make the original Tulsi Malas. However, it is also possible to make Tulsi Malas using modern and technical equipment, which may produce hundreds of Original Tulsi Malas in a day.

As per the Vedas, the handmade original Tulsi Mala is said to be extremely powerful. It might take 3-4 days to produce the original Tulsi Mala.

In the first step, the wood of the Tulsi plant is carefully peeled. Then, it is divided into 108 little pieces, which are known as beads. At last, the original 108 Tulsi Japa Mala is created once these beads are pierced.

How do I know, my Original Tulsi Mala is real?

To identify the real and original Tulsi Mala, keep it in water for about 30 minutes. The rosary is authentic if the mala does not lose its colour.


Q. 1 What is Original Tulsi Mala for Japa?

Tulsi Mala is a form of prayer bead which is frequently used in Hinduism and other Indian religions for Japa. It plays a significant role in the mantra Jaap of Hindu deities, especially Lord Vishnu. The original Tulsi Mala for Japa is made of Tulsi Wood. It is considered to be very spiritual and prosperous in Indian culture.

The original Tulsi Mala consists of 108 tulsi beads. The number 108 has a major significance in Hinduism.

Q. 2 Original Tulsi Mala Benefits

The original Tulsi Mala has numerous spiritual and health benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • It promotes inner peace and spiritual growth.
  • It encourages a person’s general well-being.
  • It helps to enhance memory and concentration levels.
  • It is thought that tulsi mala purifies the mind, body, and soul.
  • The original Tulsi Mala boosts the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety.

Q. 3 How to Identify Original Tulsi Mala?

Here are some tips that will help you to identify the original Tulsi Mala:

  • The original Tulsi Mala will always be lightweight and simple to use.
  • The original Tulsi Mala will always be in light greenish-yellow colour.
  • The beads of the original Tulsi Mala will have a smooth and even texture.
  • The original Tulsi Mala has a nice scent that can be identified as the aroma of the Tulsi plant.
  • The original Tulsi Mala have uniform and structured-sized beads. The beads of this Mala are round and evenly shaped.

Q. 4 Where to Buy Original Tulsi Mala?

You can buy the original Tulsi Mala from various religious stores. However, to save time, you can also opt for online shopping. The online stores have a variety of Tulsi mala with numerous specifications. Many items are available on these platforms. It makes the process simpler for you, to pick the Tulsi Mala that best suits your needs. Also, you must do your research on the verified seller before making any online purchases.

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    Ram Dayal
    March 17, 2023
    The Original Tulsi Mala by Dharmasar makes a beautiful and spiritual addition to your collection.
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